3rd Annual Bay Area Meet pics

Heres a few of mine.
Rest are here

dam mine didnt make your 5 pages of pic (da) guess all my jdm got over looked lol…

Which car was yours? I had taken over 450 pictures and didnt feel like editing/uploading all of them.

meet was fun thnx for everyone who came out and showed some luv.

uploading my pics right now…took about 100+ of them…i wanted to take some rolling shots of all the g2 but everyone was split up and the freeway was crowded kind of.


mine is in the frist pic that Kurutpedjdm posted im yhe black da with the window visors an sun roof visor it all good tho …t was a cool meet …joe you got some luv there …it was a hella good turn out

yea …that it right on…dam them wheels look good rolling …thank man

here are my pics…


I love how you guys go crazy over the mugen civic :rofl:

:shock: sexy ass. haha
nice pics :up:

^^^LOL your cars the reason why i keep thinking about repainting my car back to jasper green.

cool pic thanks

it was a kool meet, seen alot of da this year… did anyone take pictures of all the da that was there?

Alan did.

I skipped afew as they were unfamiliar to me. I’ll post them later on tonight hopefully.