3rd annual socal 2nd gen da db integra meet

This will be the 3rd Annual Integra 2nd Gen DA DB Meet
Prado Regional Park
April 12th, 2015
12 Noon
$10 park entrance fee
i will have trophies for best DA, DB, Slammed, Best wheels ETC, (still debating)

Great park for the whole family!

1990-1993 integras only.

Last meet there were over 60 integras that showed up, so this year im sure itll be even more fun!

See you there!!

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE! https://www.facebook.com/events/1560700257403375/

Any questions, email me, or IG @illestda9


Nice! Def will try and come by for awhile. specially since its in my city.

See you there!!
These meets actually get pretty nice.

a little over a month and a week away!!

[QUOTE=wingbox;2324943]See you there!!
These meets actually get pretty nice.[/QUOTE]

For sure! i went to one a couple years ago at the same spot. someone here set it up. pretty chill.


[QUOTE=90jdmls;2325469]For sure! i went to one a couple years ago at the same spot. someone here set it up. pretty chill.


Oh my, that was like 4 years ago and i was there! haha
The meets that have going on once a year there now have been about 10x larger than that one.

Just purchased Custom Trophies!
They will arrive next week.



Are there going to be any cute looking girls there?

i dont know, but i will be there lol

Ah man, if you’re gonna be there then… there definitely won’t be any girls. It’s like how it was back then when you’re meeting AOL chicks online, you tell them to wait outside while you drive by to take a glance at them, and if they ain’t cute you smash the gas pedal and get the hell outta Dodge. Same scenario with you, only the roles are reversed!

Lmfao oh man
But on a serious note theres chicks with integras that i know are going to be coming.
Everyone usually goes to check out other integras and meet enthusiast,
Not to just meet girls lol

Thiss sundaaayy

Why so far away. :mad:

its not too far, just a few days driving. No biggie :auto:

I really thought about it. Maybe next year.

Wish I could make it. Prado is a stone throw away. Have to work this weekend to fix the db2

you can always drop by even if you dont come in your db2.