3rd brake light wire harness....HELP

Hey guys, i had bought my integra wiht the 3rd brake light on hatch glass removed. So i recently bought a gsr spoiler with the LED brake light and today I ripped apart all the interior and even the headliner and cant find the wire harness for the 3rd brake light. I do not know if its cut or stashed somewhere else…I wanted to ask you guys do you guys have a pic of where the wire harness might be located at and if I have to rewire it how would i go about rewiring it basically all over again…any help would be appreciated

Is there any harness at all in the hatch? it there is they must have cut it near where it comes out at t he top of the window.

you should just need to extend the wires down to the center of the hatch where ever the hole is for the spoiler.

so i come to find out 2 days ago that the previous owner cut the harnesses off along with the removal…what an idiot…so i went to the yard and found a DB2 and got the full rear harness so everything is plug and play now and it all works…thanks for the help

that should be fun to fish that thing threw the hatch and cab :bang:

GL nirmal:up: