3rd break light...

Hey, i was just wondering how to remove the 3rd break light shell case. Um… How else can i say this… I want to take the red plastic strip out of the 3rd break light, and paint it. How do i go about pulling it out of there, and painting (tiniting) it? Just in case some of you are confused, I dont want to remove the 3rd break light, i only want to change its appearence. (I own a 1990 if that matters). Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

One day I was looking at how ugly mine was. Its a dusty eyesore. I didnt want to safely remove it, I wanted to take it off completely.
Burn that thing down with a torch. I cant tell you how to remove, only cut and damage…hehe

Is it illegal to remove?
I dont care-

There are two nuts that hold it against the glass. You know those metal circles that you see on your glass? Those are long bolts and the nuts grab onto those. Just make sure you disconnect the wires. You’ll also end up with the harness sticking out when the assembly is gone.