3rd gear grind

my car grinds into 3rd gear if i shift tooo fast and when i shift into 3rd at hight rpms. now its like shifting into a brick wall when i go 2nd to 3rd. it doesnt go in at all. whats the deal??

Your syncros are worn. You can try and use some friction modified GM Syncromesh to see if that will help it.
Otherwise a transmission replacement is imminent.
The other way of getting around it is to learn to double clutch. I had the 3rd gear grind going on too and learned to double clutch. I drove around for nearly two years like that until I found a LSD transmission and swapped it out.

yup i did the same thing

yea thats what im doing now. does anyone know where i can buy a good tranny online. like a good website like hmotors online only for trannys instead. im scarred to buy one on craigslist because i dont trust it

theres plenty for sale on here from some good people and good prices
look for msgs1098 (Alan)'s for sale threads, i believe he’s parting out a car.


tigerjapanese.com that’s where I get my parts. got my engine and tranny from there. but it really depends on what u have now…

tigerjapan is bullshit, i wouldnt buy anything from them

google tiger japan , you will find terrible stories about their motor n tranny also their customer service