4-1 header fit on B16 integra da ?

i want to buy a 4-1 header for my DA. it has a b16 will i have to get a si 4-1 or will b18 4-1 work fine? does anyone have a b16 DA that has headers? i really need some my stock header has a leak.

You’re probably gonna get reprimanded for not searching that one. It is a very well covered topic. Trust me searching not only keeps this forum nice and tidy, but more often than not, will give you instant answers instead of having to wait for someone to reply to a new thread. This place is full of great info. Anyway all B series exhaust manifolds will bolt up. Problem is a 4-1 header will require you to notch the front subframe (the one your radius rods attach to) and that is kinda sketchy. I have seen it done quite a few times, I even did it once myself, but I would rather stick with a 4-2-1. Or I think if you get one of those aftermarket subframes (innovative etc.) it will clear. I think.

thanks for the help. i have been searching for a couple weeks now about this. i read some post that say i would have to do minor adjustments to fit a 4-1 and i really dont want to do the adjustments lol.

Yeah I would just stick with 4-2-1 unless you get one of these
I think something like that will give you the clearance. But there is no other way around it.