4 Door In Sacramento Needed for making rear visor

Just as the title says
anyone willing to lend me their 4 door in Sacramento for a few days so I can make the rear visor plug.

email me at info@isortcomposites.com, or niterida@hotmail.com

Hey bryan I tried to get a hold of you the day of the meet (sunday like two weeks ago) if you cant find anything let me know as long as it not raining i can drive my other car it just getting it there

Yeah I got too busy that weekend. If you can bring it up without too much trouble for you then I don’t mind using your car.

I just need the car for a few days

Come on guys lets get this rolling; its about time to see new interest in the db1. I’m sure there’s someone in the area that could come through.

how long do you need the car for? I might have something for you.

2-3 days

damn, i’d lend my db if i wasn’t in the middle of the freakin ocean, c’mon guys someones gotta be close by

Well it is cold here and I haven’t been surfing since I finished school. I’ll trade you living situations, I’ll teach you carbon work and you can do the work in my shop for me, and I can surf in HI

Come on just one car is all we need. My tax return is burning a hole in my pocket

Lol I’d love to learn how to do carbon work, I don’t know how well I’d hold up in the cold, and I love the weather here too much to move away. I will be flying into sacramento next month and driving up to Tahoe but my car does t get to come along.

Sweet man
I live like 15-20 minutes from Sac INT
have fun in the snow

anyone with a 4 door in sacramento at all?

I see 4 door integras everyday, and I am about ready to flag one down and beg for a car to test with

Hey Bryan
I am going to send you an email might be able to give you my car this friday

wish i wasnt in texas

did you find a car yet? hope this doesn’t fall through… oh and did you get my email? let me know bryan if not i’ll just order a set