4 door side skirts problem solved, well maybe

hey all you 4 doors out there, i think i have found the light at the end of our side skirt trouble, now you may have seen this post before in the other 4 door sides skirt thread, but hear me out, i mean nobody even responded to me. okay when you look at an 4th gen. accord(90-93) 4 door from an from the fender back i can almost see a an integra in it, i mean they could actually be the same leght as our four doors, cuz that accord lasted as long as out 2 gen tegs did, i am hoestly convinvced that the 4 door black widow dides skirt will fit much better than those 2 dr 2gen integra sides skirts. . and thats what i got to say about it, so if sombody has already tried t and it hasn’t worked, then please do tell me so i don’t waste my money and time trying to fit a sides skirt that doesn’t even come close to fitting.

hey now everyone don’t speak at once. :frowning:

The wheelbase of the Accord is almost 5 inches longer than the Teg - 107.1 inches vs 102.4. I would guess that the Accord skirts would have to be cut down in length to fit.

side skirts

i bought accord side skirts at one time and they were way to long go to this guy at www.octanemotorsports.com has fake black widow side skirts for g2 tegs and they look good i have them on my car but i dont have a digtal camera to post it sorry

what about the 3rd gen 4 door teggy, won’t that fit?.. at all?
and were those octane side skirts a pain in the ass?

no they were no problem the only thing witch can be fixed easly is my back doors rubed the top of the side skirt just a little

dont they make the black widow sides for the sedan g2? i alwyas thought that was one of the ONLY sideskirts avail for teh sedan…if the accord side skrit is longer cutting it is better than having a kit thats too short… i wouldnt mind cutting it and getting the body shop to mold or somehow put it on properly… what i want is the oem kit for the sedan… its hard enough to get the coupe kit that was avail… too abd they didnt make one for the sedan… too bad there arent any places i know that make the oem replica.

yeah what i’m gonna do is just buy accors SS’s and just make them fit the right way, it will look way more custom and much better than throwing on 2door sideskirts. yup thats what i’m just gonna do

a local body shop thats really good estimated that the skirts would be 1600 to extend paint and fit… thts alot of money… about 10 hours of labour just to extend the coupe skirts… i think cutting longer ones are more economical