4 Pad Clutch Do and Don'ts...?

I just installed a Stage 4 ACT Clutch and i would like to know what should i do to prevent clutch wear…Am suppose to drive like how i normally would drive with a stock clutch because i know its more aggressive…I hear these clutches are easyer to wear out than regular clutchs is that true?

Also is it true that if you dont adjust your clutch cable right it will wear your clutch out faster?If it is true how much play should your clutch pedal have?How will i know if its set corrctly?.

I can’t answer your questions about wear on an aftermarket clutch, but as for the cable, yes it should be adjusted or your clutch will wear faster, or your release bearing, etc etc…

Any service manual (helms, haynes, chiltons, etc…) will have the specs for clutch freeplay. It’s all in there. Very easy to adjust.