$400 and cant decide what to get

so i have about $400 laying around and i dont know what to get. i plan on going all-motor but cant decide on what parts to buy. i could just save my money andthen get it all at once but i figure since i have a short attention span, i need to start gathering parts to keep me going. any suggestions. o btw its a bone stock 90 RS. i just got it for about 1800 clean title and perfect condition.

any suggestions to start it with?

Buy yourself a Helm’s manual, a floor jack, some tools and make sure all the routine maintenance is caught up. Make sure to know the condition of the timing belt and when it was last replaced. If you don’t know, then there is your first item; timing belt, tensionor and water pump. Flush your tranny fluid with Honda MTF also. Ignition components; plugs, wires, distributer cap and rotor are wear items that need to be replaced as well as all the rubber components on the car; belts, hoses, TIRES!

If all your routine maintenance items check out and you still have money to spend, most people start with Intake, Header, and Exhaust. The intake can be a generic ebay tube with a K&N filter, but the header and exhaust I would do some research before purchase.

Don’t buy anything if you are not sure which direction you are going in the long run, as in, turbo or naturally aspirated. Search and read other members mods with the whp they received from those mods and you can start to learn from their experience.

You could also put the money in the bank for when items start to fail, like the Main Fuel Relay or the Ignition coil or Ignitor or axles that tend to fail when you least expect it, lol. Good luck and do some research using the search function.

HAHA i have been a member for over 2 years now. the car is all caught up and everything. im jkust having trouble deciding what to buy first. ill prolly end up with suspension parts. and yes i know how to search i just was wondering what was the #1 thing to do first. i prolly wont get around to the engine stuff for a while and just keep putting money away to save to do it all at once. but thanks anyway.