403's Cost = ??

I looked on crower’s site and it said 400…each?

The local speed shop (which is abnormally :gay:) said 700 installed

Is anyone sellin em used :think:

How much do crower 403’s run now adays? :shrug:

I paid a tad over $300 for a new set on ebay.


i think group buy is 350
and u can find em 300 usedusually
i know tom forget his screenname (b18ateg) or something like that is selling a set for $250 i think maybe 275

Yeah, thats what i thot…stupid speed shops

That guy’s a moron, he thinks every kid’s a fatf wannabe. When i went in there and started throwin facts around, he freaked out, didn’t know how to react…lol it was funny :smiley:

How about $150 for 4 tuned dyno runs?

I think he’s got me on that one, cuz thats the only one around…:getsome:

damn 4 tuned dyno runs = 150us$ Shit the dyno around here is 170 per hour canadian for tuning…no matter how many runs you pull out! As well its 120/hr for dyno testing/self tuning for as many pulls as you can get but min charge on both is 170 and 120 so basically use up the hour :smiley: