43 - Fuel Supply System

Hi. I did a search on this and there wasn’t much information. I was wondering what code 43 is. I changed my oxygen sensor twice already and checked my gas cap to make sure it was tight and I have a brand new Honda fuel filter. Does anyone have any idea? I have no clue. I also have a fields fuel controller. Do you think that has something to do with it? It feels like the engine wants to stall, it sputters. If anyone knows anything about this and has any tips, please let me know. Thanks alot!

yea i have a post as well mines doing the same thing…if you get any ideas gimme a shout vice versa~ :up:

Its a fuel system code, 99% of people fix it with a new O2, but thats not wokring for you, i would check and make sure you are making a good connection with your new O2 to the harness…less than 1 volt goes though that wire, so if its not connected well it wont work properly…

Hey. I just clicked it in its honda oem . Do you think it may have something to do with the map sensor. My engine was just re-built , I just plugged the hoses into the manifold. My friend was telling me that the map sensor has something to do with fuel supply. If I plugged it in wrong the map will not see the right fuel pressure.

Do you guys have an a/f meter? After replacing two O2 sensors i disconnected my gauge and voila!! no more code 43