4DR Exhausts?!:(

yes…well… can anyone please tell me why; everytime I look into exhaust systems(aftermarket) there is this comment like “2DR only” if I’m not mistaken my car has four doors and I don’t want two…(2DR’s… higher insurance premiums) can I just get the muffler(axleback) and find the “cat to axle” pipe from… let’s say meinike and just throw it together?

yup! im bout to buy the rsr and get an extension custom made thats wat we have to do. i think the only one that is 2dr and 4dr is the greddy sp2 it comes with an extension for 4 doors. but dont quote me its wat i herd but wen i searched i dint see anything about that

thanks…a while ago i saw an article in HondaTuning the kid had a 4DR(G2 teg of course) and an HKS HiPower exhaust. This lead me on my quest for the right exhaust-with no luck-…btw i did check out the rsr(very nice) just for kicks go to youtube type rsr catback and you can hear the sound(if youhaven’t already) before you buy…it sounds soooo smooth