4dr trunk board...............

does anybody have the dimensions of the trunk board for the 4 door…i m getting annoyed of not having one i bought the ply wood like the teg tip said but i want it to be exact…anybody???

just take the sh|tty plastic piece out, slap it on the piece of plywood and trace it. From there just saw that mofo up!:up: :shy:


his didnt come with the plastic it sounds like…

cant u just measure with a measuring tape??? draw it on paper and measure, doh.

sorry, I guess i should read the posts better:jerkoff: :stuck_out_tongue: :ok:

yeah i did that already but just wanted to know the exact spec’s that’s all well thanks anyways …

you can use a cardboard box and a knife and make an exact fit to your car. Use the box as a template and you can make a really nice snug fit. also are yo planning on using wood or something similar to what comes in the car stock?

just curious.