5 speed help

i have searched for this quite awhile but haven’t found out what i need to know. I have a 90 integra the transmission just went out so i figured i would swap in a 5 speed. I just need to know what all I need. I need to know as soon as possible because I need to get my car back running. thanks in advance


If you are converting from auto to stick you’ll need the following:

Clutch pedal assembly
Clutch cable
clutch assembly w/ through out bearing
5 Speed axles
Shift linkage with shifter
Manual cluster
All appropiate mounts
Ecu for 5 speed

I beleve thats all you need

Good luck!!

dont forget the center console is different between the manual and automatic. you’ll need one of dem too.

if there’s anything you still need, check www.car-part.com or www.thepartstrader.com to search for it.