5x114.3 16x8" 25mm offset


i was wondering if i would have any issues with the rims sitting past the body?

i am sort of familiar with wheel offset but i need some expirienced input

again the wheels are 5x114.3 16x8" 25mm offset

unless you have a type r, or f swap those wheels wont fit. wrong lug pattern.

as far as offset, chances are your golden.

Yeah they’re going to stick out past the body without crazy camber

yes i do have a swap… how far pas tthe body?

they will poke arround an inch i think, i have 16x8 +20 on my da with crazy camber and they tuck. i put them on my girls da with mild camber in the front and no camber in the rear and they poked about a inch and a half

well how low is your da? my da is slammed n im sitting on 15X8 +15 n its not pokin out its just hellaflush but not too crazy.

Can you guys show some pics i’m interested