90-91 fog lights?

im new in the honda game, and my first car is a 90-91 DA9. i have dome some nice work to the exterior, like my jdm window visors and stuff, nothing major, but i have heard that beneath the turn signals at the bottom of thje bumper those cut outs at the bottom are for fog lights. if this is true does anyone have a pic of a DA with those fog lights or does anyone know how rare they are or where i can buy them…any info would be very appreciated.

I dont believe they were ment for foglights as we have them built into our headlights. The Mugen bumper had ones in that area though.

from what i heard is that those fogs are HELLA rare. for me i found a set of fogs that fit perfectly into that little slot under the turn signal, and painted them yellow, to make they hella jdm yo :rofl:
. i’ll post a pic in a bit.

what did you pull them off of?

i would ove to see them pix…where u get the fogs?

heres mine. i got them for 19cents at kragen. it had the wrong bar code. i threw them over the optional lip.

ill take some better shots soon.

here’s what i got

it was a bulk item and i got them for like 12 bucks for the both of them.

I got mine off of a dodge shadow es

Damn Meccasda9, that’s hot. Look good w/ OEM optional lip. I’m gettin mine soon, (lip) & will probably mount my fogs behind those lower holes. Seen a post on here awhile back where a guy did it. Looked good.

:getsome: :manual:

I had my fogs hidden behind the o.e.m optional lip on my old car…

Damn it amazing how many people put after market ones in there. I never would have guessed.

90-da did u have to cut into your bumper?

You mean to make them fit behind the OEM kit?

yeah cus mine sits in front of the lip.

hey dudes with foglights… how’d you run the wiring for those lights? did u splice it into the old fogs, fuse box?

yep, i had to cut the bumper to make the foglights sit flat on the bumper and further back. i just had to trim the edge/lip of where it’s sitting…
i wired the foglights seperately.

sorry if this sounds like a stupid question (wiring is not my thing) but did you just wire it into the battery with an in line fuse and a switch or some other way?

My car has those light’s stock I think? I dunno, but they are in there.

[QUOTE=hb420;1694972]I got mine off of a dodge shadow es


Did you do something to your factory fog lamp assembly for them to have the yellow look?? Did you remove the glare guard??