90-91 front lip - i've been searching for days

i remember like last month someone posting pics of a front lip for 90-91 tegs, they had a prototype i think and they were looking for someone to test it out…it looked kind of like the lip that goes on the g3s i think, with the middle part of the lip lower than the sides.

am i nuts? did i imagine it?

when i bought my teg (which i’ve had for all of 2+ months) it was missing the front lip and i’m trying to decide whether i should replace it with a stock lip or if there is a tasteful aftermarket lip (read: NOT a body kit) that would look nice as well.

yeah we all been looping for some. only reasonably cheap thing to do is 92-93 bumper swap.

but lips for all yrs
rs lip
oem lip (body kit lip)
that spoon replica (carbon fiber)

thats all i can think of

do you have links to manufacturers of any of those?

is the oem lip the jdm thing?

the factory body kit

sigma-dont know who makes that
inazuma-discontinued (but mold going around)
rs lip-www.wingswest.com (gotta have 92-93 bumper)
oem lip-pretty much no chance
spoon replica-someone on here had it but he dissapeared

good lord, talk about difficult to dig up!