90-91 innovative mounts

umm ya i installed these mounts and i kind of was so happy these mounts rub metal to metal constantly and makes vibration noise inside the car i can feel it i dont understand why??? I still see movement from the engine… arent these suppose to make the engine more stable like not even rock back and forth at all???

Where do you expect all that vibration the engine produces is going to go if you decrease it from the engine?

It is pretty obvious it’s going to transfer to the inside.

Rubbing metal to metal? Did you torque it down to specs?

no no no… shhh you dont understand this is adnormal it never did this before only after awhile it just started to make vibrations inside

ya 80 ilbs to spec

80 in lbs? thats only like 6.6 ft lbs… you need to torque them to 80 ft lbs (960 in. lbs) unless the i was a fat finger mistake…


NOT freaken FAT!!! :angel:

:think: what happened to common sense?