90-93 accord antenna cap on DA?

my antenna does not work and is not connected to my car at all.

i have heard that u can put the 90-93 accord DX antenna cap on the DA but have never seen it. Does this work? what all do i need to do this swap?

Here is the schemetic for it for reference.


i got the parts installed today, Real easy to do.

Remove the top of the speaker and the 5 screws or so holding the interiot 1/4 panel in and pull it out a little bit to get a wrench in there to unbolt the single bolt holding the antenna motor on. pry off the cap and the stuff on the outside. install cap and stuff.

i think it is a major improvement. sorry for the dirt, i seriously havent washed it yet this year.

I assume you are talking about 27, 28 and 29? All three of those are less than $15 so, I say go ahead and buy, install it, rate it then review it.

the dx cap works great. just pull the antenna out from inside of the hatch and then on the outside install the gasket and cap, twist it all together from the inside. done.

so that is all i need is just those 3 parts?

i can already pull the antenna out it isnt even attached anymore

yep just those three and you should be good.

i ordered them it ended up costing 22.00, shipping is insane.