90 DA swapping to 2000 LS Head

Story: Was at a stop light idling at about 600-800 rpm and my timing belt snaps. Try to turn it over and its turning over weird. Checked the distributor (because I just so happened to have an extra in my car) and noticed the rotor was not turning. Cracked open the side plastic timing belt protector (where water was leaking from the newly found water pump leak) and saw the belt had snapped.

So, I am assuming that my head valves are bent because that is what everybody is telling me and have a deal for $50 to get a 2000 LS head (no intake, §§§§§ or anything, just the head and internals) but I dont know if this swap will work. I hear about the LS/V’s all the time but I dont know how a much newer LS head will work on my car. I searched through some of the forums and am getting some 404’s back and decided to post this here to check if anybody can help me in this dilemna.

A snapped timing belt doesn’t always result in bent valves. Mine snapped while I was going 90 mph and it was fine. Others haven’t been so lucky. You can install a new belt and compression test the engine, or you can remove the head and check it out. I’m not sure if there’s a way to check whether any valves were bent while the head is still installed without replacing the belt. A newer ls head will work with the older block though. I’m currently using a newer (OBD2) head on my b18a1 block.

All I gotta do is swap over the OBD-0 parts onto the new OBD-2 head? Is there a power difference or anything to benefit from the newer obd-2 head?

The '90-91 Integra has some pretty weak cams… '92+ are quit a bit better, performance wise. As well as the intake manifold, if I recall correctly.

It wont come with the intake manifold. So basically I should get the 2k head because its a lot better in general internally?

All the pieces that bolt onto the head (distributor, intake manifold, fuel rail) all that stuff will bolt right on without having to do any radical swappages right?

the cams are better. they say 10hp difference from the a1 to the b1.

So just a 10hp bonus with better cams? This wont affect my smog too much will it?