90 DB1 Electrical problem.

Hi, I’m new to the forum. Just picked my first Teg and I’m having a bit of a strange
problem with it. The car starts quickly and idles fine. After it is running for a bit, the battery
light comes on and the a/c starts blowing faster and if the lights are on, the burn brighter. This
just happens for a few seconds, maybe 30 at the most, and then everything goes back to
normal. What I find strange is the whole electrical system feeling “boosted” when this
battery light comes on and then back to normal when the light goes off. Anyone have any
recommendations?? I’ve checked the fuse box in the engine bay and everything seems
to be in order. Thanks in advance.


you’re overcharging some how… how old is the battery, and how old/new is the alternator? sounds like the alternator is full-fielding when it shouldn’t be…

I just bought the car 2 weeks ago and the previous owner said that both the battery and alternator
are about a year old and they look so.

As it is only the alt. that can produce more power the problem has to be the alt./voltage regulator.

I would have the alt. checked. 94

Thanks guys, I will definitely have the alt checked this week.

One thing I forgot to mention, the car also feels sluggish when it’s doing the whole crazy
electrical thing, would this also be related to the alternator?? Thanks again.