90 front bumper vs 93 front bumper

Is there a different core support behind the 90 versus the 93? I can’t cramp my 90 core support into the 93 cover… Anyone knows anything about this?

You’re right. The 90 foam will not fit directly behind the 92-93 bumper without modification. Try this page by James AKA DwnLow91 for more info:


Thanks for the tips. By the way, where in Canada are you from?

I got the bumper cover on. It was freakin difficult. I would definitely say it is not for the faint of heart.

i put 92-93 bumpers on my 91 and it was a piece of cake. Just remove the license plate holder, use a knife to trim off some of the foam support from the 91 bumper, then put it all back on.

overally it took about an hour total for both front and rear bumpers, and that was with us taking our time.

I believe 92-93 is has wider bumper.
I have a 92 teg.
My friend has a 90 teg. he threw his bumper away so i wanted to
see if i could fit the bottom lip from his bumper on mine, when i tried to do so , the with fo the bumber was not wide enough to fit my front bumper.

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if you have any other questions of a private nature

OMG, that scares me, especially knowing him:D

I finally got the bumper aligned correctly. You guys will never believe that the front end was smashed to pieces a month ago. I already got a pair of side skirts today. I am just waiting for the WW RS front airdam and a new wing for the back, then I will just add some paint. Don’t get me wrong, I kinda dig the ghetto primer black fender and hood, but I think I am more used to my good o all red car.