90 GS door weight


Hey, I have a 90 GS and in the process of lightening my teg. I need to know how much teg doors weigh without the power windows, ie ls or rs door. Anyone know or could tell me where I can find out??

Thanks, Mike

im bringing this back from the dead to get an awnser.

I need to find out how much does the door actualy wieght. there is nothing in or on it. just the door itself. just curius cause i need a weight and dimensions(which i have) to get a price on much it would be to ship this thing. :up:

ls and gs should weigh the same…and if th rs have manuel windows it should weigh from 15-25lbs less than power windows due to not having the motor…i would guess 40-50lbs each door…


thats about what i was guessing.