90 Integra Strut Suggestions

:ot: Hello everyone. This is my first posting here. I was directed here by someone who goes by the name of JASBAN. Im sure he knows who he is. Anyhow, Im looking for new struts to replace the already once replaced KYB struts. My ride right now very crappy. It almost sems as though im dragging the car on the road through all the bumps and pits.

The roads in Toronto have not been all that great this year and there have been some times when I cursed the road for its poor condition. But nobody ever listens.

So what I want from you folks is your suggestions of which struts to use with my Eibach pro-Kit on my 90 Integra. I have SHU 17"x7" rims, w/ 205R40-17 Yokohama rubbers fitted with Ingalls camber kits. I am looking for a nice comfortable NON-noisy ride. Your immediate replys will be greatly appreciated.

any suggestions?

No Replies for me anyone???

Koni Yellows-Where to get in Toronto

Can anyone suggest where to get these in the GTA or in Toronto. It seems like these are popular items.

Please any help greatly appreciated.

dont your kyb’s have a lifetime warranty?

anyways, based on what you said so far i would say definitely go with adjustable shocks. what is your budget? (in usdm if you dont mind)

300$US - kyb agx (budget)
550$US - kony yellows (popular)
1000$US+ - full coilover systems (with adjustable springs, best)

if youre tight on money, you can just get agx’s for the front, as those will make the biggest difference, 150-180$US.