'90 LS - Power door lock, broken lock/unlock levers

Bought a 1990 Integra, the only “mechanical” problem is that the lock/unlock levers are snapped on both doors. The car came with alarm & remore door locks. When I arm/disarm or start/shut off the engine, the doors would lock/unlock, so I don’t really need to use the lock/unlock levers, but I’d like to have them so I don’t have to shut off the engine to let myself or my passenger out with then engine running (the remote does not work once the engine is started).

When I took the door panel off, the lock/unlock lever is snapped at the point where it connects to the tie-rod connecting it & the door lock. Did it snap because the actuators were too strong or the travel is too long?

Where is a good place to buy the replacement interior door handle (I guess you can’t just get the levers by themselves)? And what’s a good replacement actuator set?


I don’t have power locks on mine, but I can tell you that the best place to get a replacement handle is either your acura dealership, or the junkyard. Not sure what mine cost when it was replaced because it was broken in a theft attempt so insurance paid for it.

both of my sides have broken- at least once. I have decided to disable the auto lock with ignition feature. People always get freaked out when they try to exit my car not knowing that the locks were activated. Also, I had my actuators lock the doors if my car sat still without being armed. Well, aside form risking locking the keys in the car, it puts bigtime wear on the locks. So many times I had to disarm, so that feature will also be gone.

Haha…It just happened to me. I just pulled the cover off and now I unlock it using the tie rod. Off to the junkers i go…