90 ls stutters

hey peeps, new to the board, hoping to find some good help here. I was driving along, and my car seemed to bog down alot under 2000 rpm under acceleration. so i kept it above 3 or so for a while trying to keep the RPMs up hoping whatever stupid thing it was would pass, but it didnt. It died. and i cant get it started again. could it be somethign stupid like a ground, or something to that effect? please give me any suggestions. and please dont just assume that a ground or something is the problem right away. thanks in advance

im not too sure, but my friend had a problem with his car in first like yours. check the spark plugs, i think that was his problem, one of them were kinda shot. maybe that is affecting your car?

well im pretty sure it would run, but just be crappy. it doesnt even run.

oo…ummm, yeah im not too sure, still check your spark plugs, because if theres no spark coming from them, your car wont work…

thank you captain of the obvious.

Check the ignition coil. That was my problem with those same symptoms.


yeah same here!

Its bad when ppl bash you for not searching first; but its even worse to bash someone after they give you an answer, captain jackass.

i tried the coil. the coil is fine. i stated that i do believe.