90gsr help needed soon please post

hey what’s up guys this is my first post. i just bought a 99 gsr engine with 17000 miles on it for 850 bucks. the guy said you just drop it in but i thought since it came from a right hand drive that the tranny would be different. btw its an automatic (i know iknow) also the shop that its at is going to give me a quote tomorrow and i dont know how much is too high to have them install the engine. i was thinking of doing it under a tree branch in my buddies yard but worried that i might not be able to do it myself/. any help thank you jon

ok does anyone know where i can get a new ecu fast for the swap, also how much are new injectors for the swap? thanks

Read the forum rules you smart guy. Narc’d

wtf i dont know what i missed in the rules. i am a noob but still think the questions are legitamite?? anyone else pleeze hellp

Here’s what you missed.

Your subject should be a broad description of what your problem/question/topic is. For example, don’t post a thread with just “HELP” or “QUICK QUESTION” in the subject. Doing this will be regarded as pure laziness and the thread will be promptly deleted. Using appropriate subjects helps the search engine function better!. Also, do NOT use a different subject than what your thread is about, just to get attention. It will also be deleted.