91-92 bumper conversion question

i have a 91 GS and the bumper got mest in a wreck its all fixed but the bumper…i recently got a 92 bumper…the 91 bumper support was bent up fromt the wreck so the bumper won’t screw on…so i bought a 92 bumper support witch is different from the 91…now the 92 bumper support won’t bolt up to the car…the two bolts from the bumper support go into the bumper cups witch are attacehd to the car by 4 bolts…the wholes from the 92 bumper support don’t line up with the cupson the 91 car…if get new 92 bumper cups then that should make the 92 bumper support bolt up…my question is…do the 92 bumper cups bolt up or even to the 91 car?i have been struggling and been frustrated with this for along time…and it sux not having a bumper on the car so any help would be much appreciated…thanx

and no this question is not covered in the teg tips…

your car was prolly repaired sh!tty…the only thing different from 91 bumper assembly to 92 bumper assembly is the support and cover itself.
The bumper cups should be identical.