91 DB1 not running

Ok G2IC i am lost. Last week while driving my car, it decided to just shut off. Did not hear anything like the bottom end failed. So after finally getting to my buddy shop we began looking into it. Ran a compression test 120psi across all cylinders. Plugs were fouled out so replaced them. Checked the main relay, it was fried so replaced it aswell and still nothing. The car spins spins spins but won’t crank. Gets fuel, has spark. And nothing is showing up on the ECU. I’m just looking to see if someone may have an idea or knows what the hells happening.

Any feedback is appreciated

120 psi is really REALLY low… I believe optimal compression for the b18A1 engine (assuming that is what you have) is between 160-195 psi so there is one red flag.

WWhen you checked for spark did you crank the car for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute? a failing coil may spark at first but die away after being cranked over for a longer period of time. Did you test spark on all 4 cylinders?

Sounds to me like a distributor issue… could be a failing coil. could be a blown ignition control unit both of which are integrated parts of the distributor. both can be tested with a digital multimeter by perfoming basic resistance checks. Don’t recall the exact numbers you need to look for but google will tell you.

Also post back with more detailed info… right now there are a few things that come to mind, but better details will get you a more concise or better answer.

distributor is a high possibility…mind did the same…just died while driving

It might be your ignition coil that happend to me not that long ago…

same here.

Timing belt? 120 is shit compression, you need fuel, spark and not just air but compressed air to run

Are you sure the timing belt didnt just snap?