91 DB1 wheel question

ok, i have been meaning to ask this for some time now but didnt have the chance to get over to my brothers garage to take a pic till i hit a nail and had to switch tires real quick. is this wheel anything special, i’ve never seen it on any other g2 around or on here so idk, i have the normal “blades” or whatever they’re called from a 90 DA, the ones that kinda “hook” forward but when i picked up a parts DB1 i got these with it. never seen them before now and just wanted to know.

i have all four wheels in good condition just need buffed and one needs a new tire. i only have 3 caps though… but i think i might find the other in the DB1 cu i found 2 in there already and i havn’t realy searched through it yet.

Those came on my old 91 GS… I’ve seen them several times, Normally the inner spoke is painted black, graphite grey or on the LS-S they were all white.

So… No they’re nothing special.

nothing special. just more GS alloys. better than steelies IMO.

I have a set on my LS. The inner part of the spoke is Graphite…nothing special

ok, thanks guys, i was just wonderin like i said, these are the ones that came on my 90 DA GS

yup. both are GS alloys… and like we mentioned they ain’t nothing special. they aren’t bad at all tho. i prefer the 90-91 gs alloys tho… i have 6 of them in my backyard. :angel:

ok, thanks guys, just one thing though, the db1 i got the rims in the OP from was a 91 LS, but they are silver with a grey inner spoke???

not silver… its kinda polished. but has clear on it, so it fades. to make them look all good and fresh again, use some plastic cleaner from like mother’s or meguiar’s. its basically plastic polish, and is safe on clear coat. it’ll make it look good and clean again. requires elbow grease tho.