91 gs and accord motor

hey guys, like iv said before new to this will a96 accord vtec motor fit in my 91 gs jw my buddy wrecked his car and was going to junk it but i told him to wait till tomorrow my gs needs a new head due to my brother driving it witha blown head gasket while i was away for a month

nope the swap will not work being that the accord is prolly hydro clutch… so u prolly should just get a new head… and if u need help getting one my buddy just did an LSvtec swap so he prollly has an extra ls head prolly give it for like 100 bucks or somthing…

It should fit.

If you can put a H22 in a g2, then a Accord motor should be the same concept.
There’s also something else new that I’ve seen, a B-series trans mounted to a H22 motor.
Anything is basically possible now a days.

I know some Guys who own a shop that say, they can put any motor into any car. It just takes time and money.

hey boostred get a hold of me i can drive and get it im in il too my email is black_koolaid67@hotmail.com

yes it is possible.

get h22 mounts and put the thing in. It will be cake. you would need a custom axle from raxles.com and prelude shift linkage. go to explicitspeedperformance.com they sell the mounts. For a H or F series swap you are lookin at like 1000-2000 dollars at least.

You can pick up an LS head for around 50 bucks, headstuds for 130, head gasket for 70. LS vtec is around 600-1000, and that is if you can even find a vtec head