91 Integra LS Engine Rebuild

I cant decide if I want to rebuild my engine or get a swap? the problem is where I live the junkyards dont have anything. If I find a motor for a good price it doesnt come with a warrenty and they all have high miles. I live in California so I have to make it smog legal. I could rebuild my engine and I figure it would be about the same for a good motor if I do the work myself. I do know alittle about rebuilding motors. the Engine I have has 180k on it and I warped the head a month back so should I go get a rebuild head and and engine rebuild kit or should I replace the crankshaft as well while im in there? I have heard that the cranks are pretty strong but how long does a typical crank last? Im kinda on a budget so If you think I can get away with just rebuilding from the cylinders up let me know. Any advice would really help just tired of running around in circles.

On a basic rebuild, I would personally do the following:
: Get the crank balanced and polished
: Replace Main and Rod Bearings & Thrust Washers
: Replace Piston Rings
: Replace Oil Pump*
: Replace Timing Belt, Water Pump & Tensioner*
: Have the block checked to make sure the deck is straight
: Have the head checked and see what needs to be done there
: Replace all seals. Main Seal, Oil Pump Seal, Oil Pan Gasket, Intake/Exhaust Manifold Gaskets, Valve Cover Gasket, Head Gasket, etc.

  • = Not totally necessary, but I consider it foolish to do all the other stuff yet not replace these as well.

It gets expensive quick… You should be able to pick up a longblock for around the same price, but id want to make sure that the oil pump/water pump/timing belt etc are in good condition. Then just re-use your axles and tranny and all the other stuff needed for the new longblock.

Thanks for the info I just dont want to risk buying a engine I cant smog. How often do you need to balance a crankshaft from what ive heard they are really strong? My motor has 180K would it be wise to get it Balanced anyways? I just dont even have to pennies to rubb together so if I dont need to do it I will just do a bore and hone and get new pistons and rings and a rebuilt head. just need it for a daily driver not a racer. Thanks again

Might as well do it right the first time, to prevent having to do it a second time…

Thats true. Can I just use a JDM B18B engine and use all my stock emission equipment?? will it passs smog? I heared that the JDM engines have higher compression and thats why they wont pass smog? is that true?

Cali don’t smog JDM motors anymore. Don’t know why but you could buy a motor from attarco. They sell OEM engines and JDM. And its free shipping in some places. If you end up buying an engine from some one else,i highly recommend you looking up the block # to be safe and getting all there info just encase its a hot motor. That would be a cheaper way to go IMO.http://www.attarco.com/

Thanks for the info. I have heard of attarco before I will do some searching. Its got to be cheaper than trying to rebuild the engine I have to much time not enough money. Thanks again.

Honda cranks are indeed strong… But you’d want to get it balanced and polished to make sure it is in good condition. You don’t need new pistons, just the rings.

Buying a used block is definitely easier and cheaper… But having a 0-mile motor is great insurance, compared to buying a used motor that you don’t know the history of.

thats what im gonna do then I know it might be more money to build it but putting my money in someone elses hands is tough when they dont even back what there selling! I will just have to tear it down and do it right. It might take me 4 months to do but when its done I know I will have done it right. Thanks again for all the advice

Ok so I got a motor from a 94 integra LS. Now my question is will my clutch (cable style) work with that motor or will I need a hasport conversion kit from the tranny to the engine?

unless you run the LS cable transmission,your going to need to get the cable to hydro conversion kit. The LS clutch has less/more teeth? then the newer 94 so no you can’t use the LS with the 94 trans.

Oo and if you do go with the hydro conversion kit, DON’T BUY THE CHEAP BRACKET. Get the cast iron made one. There pricey but well worth it as the cheap ones are made of aluminum and or cheap metals and will bend/brake fast. I think i payed about $500 for mine,never had a problem.

Ok so I can use my 91 LS tranny (cable style) on a 94 engine? is that right?

yeah but can’t use the ls clutch on the 94 trans.

Any B-Series transmission will bolt to any B-Series block… You just need to use the correct clutch disc for that particular transmission. 90-91 B-Series transmissions have a smaller main-shaft and use a different clutch. '92-93 Integra transmissions use the same clutch disc as the '94-01 transmission.

yup… u can use ur ls transmission with any LS engine… u just use the right clutch for the right transmission… clutch is based on what transmission ur running… not what engine ur running. i would suggest a stock EXEDY OEM DAIKEN clutch =D best stuff out their… and i buyu my clutches for myself and mys customers from grip force… good stuff heres the link

comes with everything u or ur mechanic will need for the install… cltuch disk… clutch pressure plate… flywheel pilot bearing… and release bearing that goes in transmission, and clutch alignment tool thats necesarry for the install


Its not just LS tranny to LS block… ANY B-Series trans will bolt up and work with ANY B-Series motor. You could use a CRV transmission if you really wanted to. As I said, you just need the proper clutch for said transmission.