91 Integra Part NJ

whats up my names jay iam parting out my 91 Integra here are the parts left text or call 973-741-8177 prices are negotiable

Update car is junked only things left

thermal research 3’’ cat back turbo exhaust 300.00 shipped


what color is the exterior of the car? what are the prices for the CF hood, front sway bar, and bumper lights picked up? Shoot me an email at jkao234 at gmail dot com.

Pics of hood and 2.5" exhaust. Njtyser at yahoo dot com. Didnt know there were any production 2.5" exhausts??

Can I get a pic of the hood? brentpadgett@yahoo.com or text me 607-425-5198

Omg I want the trunk! Text me 623 806 3361

good guy, awesome seller here



I got an email. But still no pics of hood or exhaust. :frowning:

How much would the asr be picked up? I live in snj so i can drive