91 ls b18b fuel problem

a couple weeks ago i traded my ef hatch for a da, when i got it it was idling mad high
figured id get home and clean the throttle body and check the normal honda problems
the fitv was completely backed out so i cleaned it and screwed it back in
it wouldnt run then, the mechanically declined people that had it before me had retarded the timing and took all tension off the throttle cable to counteract the problem
i fixed that, now its running super rich
its got an aem fuel rail, and while i was looking at that i noticed the spliced up wires at the injector resistor box
it is also throwing a 43 fuel delivery code, could the fuel rail be the reason its running rich and throwing the code
and does anyone know where i can get a diagram for the resistor box, and if putting an aem fuel rail would cause you
to have to splice into the resistor box

any info would be great, thanks
heres some pix of the car too

check your timing