91 Teg and has a B18a2 :)

Hi everyone. I’m from Turkey and have a 1991 red 4-door integra LS auto .It had 111.000 km and we are the first owner of the car. I read in these forums and others that 90-91 tegs has 130 hp b18a1 s. However, mine has a b18a2, and one of my friends’ teg has also a b18a2. On the other hand the redline starts at 6600 rpm and car gears up nearly 6300-6400 rpm as expected from an 91 teg. Does anyone has an idea why they put a b18a2 on a 91 ? :slight_smile:

Interesting info. Is the car right or left hand drive?

Left hand drive.

And the gauge cluster is in KM? Interesting. It almost sounds like a Canadian spec car.


Does it say anything in the manual about the dealer info?

Integras were sold in Turkey as “Honda Integra” in years 1991-1992. I think they came from Japan. But I don’t think they are 140 hp ones, my friend said it gives 130 on dyno(and 6600 rpm redline makes me think like that). 92 models have yellow corner lights(tail) and has a different steering wheel and bumper as u know.

Does anyone know if DA’s were sold in Europe. We learn something new everyday. Welcome to the site.

Yes they were… Ubek’s is EDM.

They also made b18a3’s. I remember someone awhile back over in the middle east had one. I believe he was in Qatar (sp?). I didn’t believe him till I saw a pic :slight_smile:

on the specs page on here for the JDM models it does show a B18 was put in the cheapest model the ESi. maybe they sent some of that model to parts of europe/middle east areas and called it a b18a2/3 just a possibility but however it is still strange kinda

I’m curious as to what the AUS/NZ ones have.

AUS/NZ tegs:

  • have B18’s
  • Are RHD
  • Have LS/RS trim levels…

weird ish.

B18A2, B18A3!?! I want to see pics, I want these for my rare/cool pics collection.

Was it a B18a3 or c3 over in the middle east? I remember some discussion over a c3 somewhere I thought.

Probably different emissions specs or something.

c3 is EDM. More specifically: UKDM

G2’s in nz, and i guess australia, have B16A1 & 2 depending on year and model. Also other models have SOHC??and possibily DOHC?? (don’t quote me on that one) non vtec, injected and carburetored, also depending on model.
As for B18, that came in the '93 models which here is the round headlight integra. As for the ESi model stated on the specifications page of this site, i’ve never heard of it, but it could be like the 4wd version- rare as hens teeth.
RH drive- JDM yO!! you guys drive on the wrong side of the road :stuck_out_tongue:
Trim level- i’ve got power everything in my XSI.

sorry ‘IntegraTR’ for stealing your thread :slight_smile:

There’s a member with an AUS RHD LS.

and he has a couple of friends.

Im from australia
the only g2’s we have here as in the LS trim… no RS, GS, etc
no b16 XSi’s (unless it was personally imported)… and they are very very very rare.
The import laws here dont allow us to import cars that were available locally unless its for track or personal import where u have to live overseas and own the car there for a year or more (i think). the only way you can import a car is if its 15 years old or older.

but yeah… we have no jdm ITRs or CTRs or anything here either… we dont even have 4 door g2’s but NZ laws are different and from what i see for sale on NZ sites, they have the XSis and ZXi (?) which have a 1.6L carby engine.

It’s same in Turkey. There is only LS trim.

Here, we have only 4 door g2’s :slight_smile: . I really like 2 door ones but there is not any… :frowning:

thank you sir :bow: