91 teg, I need advice! pls

I got a 1991 integra GS. No vtec and 250,000km on it. Its front light is dim because it was shot, but aside from that the car runs fine. I replaced the clutch and some other things and its good. I intend on repainting it the origional colour (white). It was women driven before, but she was unsanitary and the car interior is filthy. This weekend I’m going to have it cleaned professionally. I would like some suggestions that would add some horse power and what would be worth my time and money to do to this car. Please help me, and thanks for reading my post ^_^;;

if you havent done a tune up yet i would definately reccomend that (oil, plugs/wires, cap/rotor, air filter, valve adjustment) as for more horsepower, it all depends on how much fundage you have, and waht are you planning to do with this car?? track?? daily driver?? as for the light problem, one peices would fix it quite nice:D

only thing that will be worth the money is a good build, gotta do the whole system, but it’s easy: cams, exhaust, header, intake, and pistons. Done! …oh and an FPR and AFC and a dyno to tune…but that’s all, gl bro