91 trans issue stock cable trans

Well I was driving normally and was about to get in fourth and it got stuck out of gear. I could shift at all. So I got out and thought maybe my cable adjustment skipped threads, but it haddent. So I got back in my car . Push the clutch up and down a few times. I heard and felt a pop the last time I pushed it don and then I could go into gear. But now my clutch is engaging twice as high and it’s more difficult to shift then before. I have an exesy stage1 clutch with act 12 poun fly wheel with Es shifter bushings and a black woks short throw. If anyone has an idea please share. Thanks!

could be a bad clutch… is what it sounds like to me…

how old is your clutch? if newly installed have you adjusted it after a few hundred miles to keep it gutentight ?

it has been my past experience with any manual transmission that the POP you hear before it gets difficult to shift can be braking compound on the clutch plate literally popping off the disc, followed by extreme difficulty shifting gears if you are able to at all.
much as it sucks to probably hear this, you are going to have to do an inspection for internal clutch damage. ( that is the worst case scenario)

regardless I would drive the car minimally if at all until you find the source of the issue. Unfortunately from what you describe it sounds like the clutch is not fully engaging which could lead to damaging your synchros and gears if you have to force shift your transmission.

Possible stretched cable…

Possible broken return spring…

Possible broken clutch-disk spring…

Could be a few different things.

It’s a brand new clutch and I’ve been adjusting I and it didn’t get hard until I got out of third and tried fourth and I replace the the throw out bearing an pressure plate and cable everything is tight and aligned I looked about an hour ago

It doesnt matter if it’s brand new… A clutch spring can break at any time, no matter how new.

Did you replace the return spring? As stated, that could have been the ‘popping’ sound.

If nothing EXTERNAL looks to be a problem, you more than likely have an INTERNAL problem.

Driving on it will only make your issue worse. If you can’t adjust the cable to get rid of the problem, tear it apart and find the cause of your problem.

Can’t argue with that logic. Thanks