911 911 raced tonight now engine smells funny...

ok guys i just got back from racing on the street. I noticed a bad odor form the engine…kinda smells like bad radiator but didnt find no leaks or no smoke. exhaust smells fine no smoke from that either. jut smell like somthin burning. It wont go away. seems like its comming from the header, it smells the strongest from there but no visiable leaks or smoke. DOnt know whats goign on. I know guys have posted about this before, but tried a search and nothing useful. Need help guys, hook me up with some tips Thanks

Hmmm, let me see… clutch?

hmm could be …was running pretty hard…but clutch works fine its not slipping is this normal?

If you drive your car hard and launch hard you almost always have a bad clutch smell. Standard clutches are known for this. Its just that you may have burnt the clutch a bit. Nothing to worry about just dont do it to often because you will soon need a new clutch. It will only slip when the face wears down.

ahh ok. i see. I am still running the stock clutch with 130k miles on it. Man thought i had blown a gasket or somthin. well thanks for the info.