911! broken valve- pics

so yesterday i adjusted my valve clearances for the first time. mostly the exhaust valves were below spec, so i loosened them up a bit. the #3 valve i remember accidently popping out the rocker arm out of the socket slightly. well today while starting up the car the #3 valve top broke, the retainer is leaning off, the rocker arm is leaning off as well. pics

right rocker arm and retainer are leaning to right. chipped off piece of block at the top of that bolt structure. valve keeper is missing. gotta find those pieces… could have caused further damage?

i think the valve snapped at the notch

what to do- b18c valves/springs? b16a valves springs? i seen some for sale for 100-200.
i might go lsvtec in the future… no money now… but i can afford the 300 or so for repairs.
never worked on internals before- limited tools, very limited.

Here is what I see from you pics. It looks like your adjusting nut came off somehow. Because the nut came off, the rocker arm came off the valve and it looks like the cam hit the rocker arm a couple of more times before you killed the motor, and when it hit the rocker arm, I think that is what bent the bolt that your rocker arm goes around.

I don’t know if you did any damage to your head, but you’re definitally going to have to replace that bolt. You might need to replace your rocker arm and cam depending on how they look. You’re definitally going to need to find your keepers, they’re probably in the little pools of oil on next to the valves.

I doubt you broke your valve at the groove. However it is very possible that you bent the valve. That can be replaced very easily, but bent valves usually cause cracked valve guides. Valve guides require machine shops to replace unless you REALLY know what you’re doing.


I just noticed a piece of your cam missing in the last picture. Replace your cam. Do not run it like that, it could fragment and put you in a whole world of hurt.

thanks. crap i didnt notice that chip on the cam either.

the crooked adjuster- oh taht was me. i loosened it up to take a look around, i guess its crooked cuz the rocker’s pressure. when i took off the cover it was in its original position and straight.

Well, did you take the nut off the bolt on the end of the rocker arm? Where did that go?

So it seems like this then: Your rocker arm may or may not be ok. You’ll have to look at it. Find your keepers and make sure they’re ok. Replace your cam and reinstall all you parts. If your car runs like crap, you’ve got a bent valve and you’ll need to replace it. If your car runs like crap and it ticks, you’ve got a cracked/broken valve guide and its time to think about a replacement head or sending it away to a machine shop.