92-93 IM question

do the 92-93 GSR intake manifolds have secondary runners, or is that why the 94+ GSRs have two points that change the sound of the engine instead of one in the 92-93? what would putting a type R IM and TB or a 94+ GSR IM and TB do to a stock B17A?

The b18c1 intake manifolds have a second butterfly valve that ONLY the P72 ECU can control.

The ITR intake manifold and throttle body is a good option to go with for your setup because it will bolt right up and will provide much better flow than your stock one (or the b18c one).

The b18c intake manifold wont even bolt up to your b17a head, so that is pointless to even look into.
The b18c throttle body is also the same size as the b18a/b16a/b17a but is sprung the opposite way because the the way it bolts onto the screwy b18c manifold, so you would have to use an LS spring and throttle cable clip to use anyway.

Go the route of the ITR manifold and throttle body and you will be fine, that is unless you want to get the skunk2 intake manifold which has even better flow than the ITR one…


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