92-93 Integra GS-R Clutch Cable Bracket Help.

Hi g2ic members!

Does anyone know the part number for the clutch bracket for 92-93 Integra GS-R? This is the one that bolts onto the valve cover. I am having a hard time finding this online and need to order one.


Google any OEM Acura parts online, Done deal Pal:read:

Come now, I already have, as I said I had a hard time finding it online already including looking through the diagrams.

Nobody likes a smartass.:down:

saw it in the diagrams under “pedal” #17 but its not listed so its probably discontinued.

I tried to find in under Cylinder head cover which it didn’t show it. Then I did look at pedals but there were numerous brackets and no listings, so I wasn’t sure. I appreciate you confirming. I will see if I can track one down at a dealership.Thanks!


If anyone can identify the part # for 17 below, that would help. Thanks!