92-93 rear "integra" badge?!

where can i get myself the original style, not the DC5 INTEGRA badge, but the oem integra badge for the right rear, but cannot find it anywhere. all i can find is the damn integra badge for the rsx’s. anyone? and check some sites before u post them because ive checked several sites


and please dont say ebay, i know that is an option but i do not have access to ebay.

Thanks! -Mike.


eBay, junk yards, Craigslist, marketplace section of this forum, other Honda forums…

that literaly helped 0% thanks.

What did you want then… I told you where you can get them so go look.

if i have checked all of those sites, and i said i do not have access to ebay, then what makes you think i havent looked on forums and craigslist

just lookin for a website to buy a new oem badge i dont want to rip a faded piece of shit off a junkyard card and i dont want a half ass used one or i wouldve posted in wanting to buy section, but im simply lookin for another site with OEM badges, if you can help me great! if not please dont waste your time and mine.

You can’t find NEW OEM ones anymore, the car is over 10 yrs old! Your only options are either used or aftermarket OEM-like replacements (if you can find any).

I guess if you didn’t try calling an Acura parts dealer… call one. Would be your best bet at a NEW OEM one.

I found one that is oem click on the link. Good luck.


thanks alot man!