92-95 civic lip?

wat up guys. i got a 90 rs and i jus wanted to know if the 92-95 civic spoon lip will fit on my ride. let me know what u guys think. thanks

… do u really think it would work and look clean?

If I’m not mistaken, the EG /EK lips are shorter than the DA lips. You can try Accord lips, they are almost the same or longer for the DA so you can cut them short and heat gun it to bend it in shape…

cool thanks

i bought a 91 cb7 front lip from picknpull and it was too short for my 93 ls.

^^^i think they mean the 94-96 accords…

Oh my bad… on my post up above, I did mean the 94-96 Accords, not the earlier ones… thanks mugencivic4dr for catching that…

i went back to pick n pull today and got an 89 integra front lip. i like it. also, 93 prelude lips fit as well. not sure about the 90-91 front though, as i believe the lips are not interchangeable from 90-91 to 92-93. i dont have pics on my car but post #2 has pics on this guys car.