92 B18A1 Head Gasket Compression Trick

On the stock 3 layer Honda OEM head gasket, it is true that you can take a layer off of the stock head gasket to increase the compression? If so, how much does the gasket cost and what exactly do I have to take off? I want to up compression and adjust the timing for more power. Also, once I do this, what do I set the timing to and does this really add a decent increase in power?

Do this with a turbo set up?

No, no turbo. I had one on and took it off. I was having various problems and the car is beat down. I would much rather rebuild and then N.A. it, I was just asking so I know what I am getting into.

You can just buy a thinner headgasket too… You have to remove the valve cover, cams, and rocker arms to get to the head bolts…and once you remove the head you really shouldnt (you can but you shouldnt) re-use the stock head bolts, you should get ARP head studs ciz they can be reused…

Well, how would I go about getting a head gasket that is thinner? I am new to this and I’m trying to figure out what would be best for my car. It has 160,000 miles on it but it runs fantastic. This car will be used as a daily driver. I want to see what hp gains are realistic with a thinner gasket and a timing change. Also, when I change my timing, what should I change it to?

You can do a search on www.froogle.com I think cosmetic might make them thats a pretty well known name. I am not sure how much it will bump it up, but it may be enough to where you will have to get mid grade gas. And adding advanced timing on that you will need to run premium (91 or better)

I am not sure of the gains that this will give you on stock cams and pistons, but somone might be able to give a guess. You will need to buy head studs too, I suggest ARP, there somwhere around 120 bucks, the HG will run you about 100 also. I would suggest doing other work at the same time if you are looking at doing anything else so you dont have to replace the HG again next time :wink: