92 bumper can you replace the grill?

the previous owner painted the grill white and i was just wondering would i need to replace the whole bumper or could i just get a stock black one and put it in? i just like the look a lot better with the black.

Repaint the grill black, i don’t think they’re replaceable.

nope youd have to replace the entire bumper for both models or just cut it out.

They’re not removable…I cut my grill out using a dremel but take your time if you intend to do so. Otherwise you can paint it but make sure you tape it off well so you don’t have black overspray on the portion of the bumper that’s intended to be white.

do you think its just better if i just sanded the paint off?

and do you think flat black would make it look like how it looks stock?


is it better to paint it or sand it off?

Paint it. When you sand plastic it gets messed up. Scratches and ‘balls’ up.

painted it ! and it looks great. thankssss! will probably try and a post a pic up tomorrow :slight_smile:

did you clear it?

no i didnt clear it. should i?

well i didnt clear mine and after 6 months its starting to come off

Did you prep it? Clear is just another layer, if it is flaking without it it will flake with it. All depends on the prep (sand/scuff, degrease, prime).

i wasn’t quite sure which part was suppose to be black and white so i wasnt to precise. haha but i think it looks a lot better than being white!

looks fine like that…

the better paint to use for the grill area of the bumper, is Trim Paint, made by 3M i think?

matches well to most cars’ side moldings, trim, mirrors, window trim, grills, and such.

doesnt dry up and keep “moist” spots, doesnt require any clear coat or anything, has very very very light texture, with an even finish.