'92 DA Rallycross, stock FWD class [VIDEO INSIDE]

Hey everyone,

I just picked up a stock 1992 2 door integra RS. My previous cars include Dodge SRT-4, E36 BMW M3, and 1991 Eclipse turbo. I do a lot of autocross and track days. I took the integra to the washington DC region rallycross this past weekend, my first ever rallycross event.


The car was very competitive in stock form on crappy walmart tires, finishing 11 / 47, against mostly AWD subarus! And most of the time i was giving my dad and girlfriend rides, which added quite a bit of ballast.

All in all, it is a very fun venue and i look forward to learning more about the car and what it is capable of!


If anyone else has done rally / rallycross, i’d love to know if there is a suspension setup that works well. i figure stock springs with some quality dampers may be a decent combination, given the bumpy road surface.

Are the autocross events usually pretty good in D.C? I moved to Baltimore a couple years ago, been thinking about checking out the events I’ve seen listed in your area. Been a real long time since I went to any auto-x events, looking to get to know some people that are into it locally.

I haven’t done rallycross in a DA, but years back we did a few in our RX7. If I had to guess I’d say stock springs would be a good place to start, but if you could raise the car a little there could be a benefit. There would likely be a benefit from upping your spring rates too. Unfortunately everything for this car will be setup to lower a car, but you could pretty easily buy some cheap coilovers off ebay to use just the collars/perches. From there you could get some different springs. Basically you’d want something a little stiffer than stock but not crazy stiff but a lot longer than the ones that generally come w/ coilovers for these cars. That way you could up your spring rate while keeping the ride height the same or even raising it a little (obviously if you raise the car you’ll need some sort of alignment changes too). All of this could be done on the cheap but it would require a lot of measuring, swapping, searching for the right parts, test fitting…etc

I would also look into modifying your ebrake so that you can just pull up w/o it locking into place. Real rally professional rally cars have this, often entry level rwd/awd cars do not, but on a fwd it could be a benefit. I know a lot of the guys who used rental cars at rallyX events would rig their foot operated ebrake to do this. I’m sure there’s a way to do it on our hand operated one too.

There is WDCR SCCA autocross, NASA autocross, SCCA autocrossers inc chapter, and capital driving club. CDC is the most laid back; it doesn’t have car classes but uses an index system instead. It is friendly to new folks and is the most active club in the region. I autoX primarily with CDC and have a great time. Their lots tend to be on the small side of the the “bigger” organizations run.

Thanks for the heads-up, I wasn’t aware of CDC. I’m looking at their site now. I may check it out, I see they have some things planned for this weekend. I don’t have my car %100 ready the way I want it yet but what the heck. I’m guessing you hit the VA events mostly ? Frederick is pretty close for me… I actually head that way a lot during the winter as is to run 1/10 touring car at Hobbytown (Radio Control racing). Sounds like a good club.

i go to pretty much all of them when i have time. it is a good club.