92 DB1 no idle heat Q's

ok. my DB1 LS has no heat at idle. thermostat is working, all hoses are hot, even both heater core hoses. Brand New water pump, antifreeze topped and bled out. HCV opens fine and still connected, moves with interior knob. what is the last things to check? i want to get a better look at the doors but not sure what i’ll be looking for.

When you say no heat do you mean the air out of the vents isn’t hot or the car is not getting to operating temperature or the gauge is not registering the proper temperature or all 3?

car gets to proper temp, no overheat. no hot air from my vents though. i drive its fine. its been 20 or less degrees here in the mournings for two weeks so it really sucks. I have idled it for 15-20min and it never gets good and warm or hot. always cool air.

That is weird. I don’t really have anything to suggest if it starts blowing hot when you start driving. You’ve probably tried fresh air vs. recirculate and keeping it on the cold setting until the car is warm.

I mean I guess I could see a situation where the heater core is a little clogged and only when the engine is at a higher RPM is the water pump moving enough water to keep the interior warm. I dunno.

What about after you drive it and then let it idle? Do you have heat then?

blend door/…check the cables under the dash make sure none of the are caught or unhoooked from the selection vent flow tab

Thats the answer i’ve been searching for. Only seen one other online post with it and couldn’t find it again. Mine is the push button with two twist knobs, it would be that possibly right? Is there vac pods down in there with it?

If you are getting heat off idle then I really don’t think the HVAC assembly is your problem. Basically the only control that affects temperature is the blend knob. You can watch the heater valve under the hood while you operate the knob. If the cable moves and the lever on the valve moves then I would say the problem is with the cooling system( thermostat, heater core, air in system, debris, etc.). The other controls on the dash only affect where air is directed by moving the doors in the HVAC box.

glad to help you mann get that checked outtt

well i bled my system like no other. Almost 10 min. So far, 2 starts and a few idles i got heat but the mourning start will tell. Seems good but when i first installed the new water pump it was same deal.

Suprisingly still had heat this mourning. I know it still needs bled out more cause i still had air bubbles coming out when i shut it. Must have needed it when i got it and i didn’t get it as good as i thought i would when i did the water pump.

well, this is the second good bleed out i’ve givin my car, again atleast over 5min and i had to do it again because after about i week heat at idle went away again. This time i was also low on coolant even though i gave it a good filling of coolant last time. My buddy who is honda tech and ASE cert was there with me. Drives a Dc Ls thats swapped to JDM Type-R. He said after looking it over it has symptoms of a bad waterpump still even with a brand new kit installed. Starting to wonder if something is bad wrong.