92 Dream Team vs 2012 Team

Kobe Bryant stated that he thinks this years mens olympic basketball team would beat the 92 dream team. Michael Jordan so no way. And Scottie Pippen said that the 92 team would beat the 2012 team by 25. What do you guys think?

kobe trippin lol. only people that would deserve to be on teh 92 team Durant Kobe and maybe one other cant think of the name

Kobe is an idiot first of all.

Check out the link and listen to why Charles Barkley is the fucking man!


I read about this yesterday, and can honestly say MJ’s & CB’s responses alone are why the dream team would dominate… they have way more class and far less ego.

I especially liked Barkley quoted as saying we’d beat this team by double digits too… hahaha



easily agree

I love how he calls out how much older Kobe is than any of them were. Barkley is the best announcer on TNT. Dude says whatever the hell he wants to, calls whoever out needs to be…including the refs.

It’s like a sin to call out referees in the NBA. That needs to change.

And Stern needs to GTFO.

Shouldnt even be a discussion. 92 dream team was INSANE. To even try to argue 2012 holds a candle is sacrilegious.

Can’t wait until they get owned by some remnant of the former soviet block. basic skills and international rules could be team usa’s toughest challenge.

Pretty easy to make claims that can’t possibly be tested, let alone proven. Hell, I think I could beat the 1992 dream team.

i was wondering if all rules were the same…what changes?

Brazil tonight I believe.

[QUOTE=da6YO;2266019]i was wondering if all rules were the same…what changes?

Brazil tonight I believe.[/QUOTE]

I don’t think its that much. I vaguely remember slight differences with time keeping (when the clock stops and starts due to possessions or possession changes) and ref involvement with the game play (the ref not having to hand the offensive player the ball when they are inbounding it after a possession change or out of bounds call). I haven’t read the rules for this olympic games.

Skills wise the officials may call carries and traveling more so than NBA officials. Zone defense is legal and I’m willing to bet some of the dream team members haven’t encountered a fundamentally solid 1-3-1 , box and 1, 3-2 or a 2-3 since grade school.

Barkley is a G!

The style of play between the two teams is way different. The 92 team was more physical as this years is more speed and finesse.

With magic at the point, who guards him? Lebron?
Can this year team deal with the bigs of the dream team? Ewing, Robinson.
Can blake/love guard malone/barkley on the low block.
IF, Lebron can get passed pippen on the perimeter, can he deal with the bigs waiting down low?
can pippen/bird match up with Lebron/Durant?
And I’d take a 29yr old MJ over a 34yr old Kobe anyday!

This years team lacks alot of size. If they play spain, theyd have to deal with the gasol brothers and ibaka who decided to play for spain this year. IMO i don’t even think they’re a for sure bet for gold this year. Not hating, by all means, but since the game is evolving, other countries are evolving with it.

Its hard to call. It would definitely make for a pretty interesting game. I honestly see the 92 team edging it.

Regardless, good sports discussion is always great!

a lot of people also don’t remember that Charles Barkley dominated the entire 1992 Olympics… I believe he shot something like 82%… Jordan only shot 44% and Stockton didn’t even play in all the games. the average margin of victory my the 1992 dream team was 43 points… USA barely beat Brazil last night in an exhibition game. the 1992 dream team would have dominated.

Let’s not forget the Mail Man Malone, Bird, and Mullin people. That 92’ team was huge!

Then you got Clyde the glide. Shit, even John Stockton was there.

They never had a point differential under +30.

But like Stu said…it could never be proven who would win. So double fail by Kobe to begin with.

The current skill level in the NBA is much higher than it was in 1992. As much as l LOVED the '92 Dream Team, the '12 Olypic team has way more talent. The '92 dream team would probably lose to the '12 team, but it’s all speculation. Sports have a way of progressing to the point where older generations are eclipsed very quickly. It’s like comparing a skateboarder or snowboarder from 1997 to one from today; sports progress so fast that the greats can be made to look like poseurs by even slightly above average players from the next generation.

Kobe, K.D., Tyson Chandler, LeBron, Chris Paul…, etc. I see no way in fucking hell anyone from 1992 could stop these guys. Just imagine the power forwards from ‘92 (Christian Laettner and Sir Charles Barkley) trying to guard LeBron. They would end up pulling King James’ pubic hairs out of their teeth…

While I like Tyson Chandler, I really don’t get how he made it onto the team. Injuries throughout the league I assume.

DE-FENSE clap clap. DE-FENSE clap-clap.

I think if the teams played 10 games the '12 team would win at least 3. IMO the only area the '92 team has a clear advantage is at center. And that is somewhat by design, the '12 team has a few great scorers and everyone else is for defense/filling roles. The Dream team didn’t really have to worry about that, they just but the best players together and blew the doors off everyone. LeBron could guard anyone on that team except Robinson and Ewing, and even Andre Igoudala (who isn’t going to be confused with one of the Dream team HOFers) could probably guard them well. Which of those guys is going to guard LeBron or Durant? The Dream Team is a better collection of players for sure, but I think the '12 team as a team could beat them at least some of the time.