92 GSR: Compressiion Test Results

I like the fact that all four cylinders had pretty much the same comp, but was wondering if 180psi is too low? SHould it not be closer to 200psi?

I know on the B18A it should be 185 brand new… I think the B17’s compression is about the same? If it is, 180 is well within acceptable limits.

180 is not bad for a 12 year old car :up:

I wouldnt worry too much about the actual number reading you get…I’d be more concerned with the consistency of the reading all the way across the board.

And looks like you’re A-ok since you’re getting basically the same reads.

Some compression tools read lower/higher than others. Also depends on if you actually let your car warm up and let the fan run, etc etc.

If you were getting 200-150-200-200, then I’d start to worry.

My civic turned in 150-140-80-90… :owned:

Of course… it had a warped rod and blown head gasket when I sold it, and every friggin bearing in the motor was spun…

sucks for whoever bought that time bomb of a civic! :naughty:

It sounded HORRIBLE - even at idle you could hear a rod knock. Believe it or not, the friend I bought my Integra from bought it - he wound up dropping a friggin DX motor into it :frowning: (and keeping the EX im/exhaust manifolds). He’s doin a GSR swap on it soon though.

He had to get it towed all the way to Georgia from TX though - he drove the 'teg down to me. I sold it to him for $500 tho :x